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NATO Conducts Military Exercises Near Russian Border

  • Latvia becomes training ground for NATO military exercises. Apr. 18, 2022.

    Latvia becomes training ground for NATO military exercises. Apr. 18, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@Jackson96975521

Published 18 April 2022

Latvia and NATO have started military operations on Monday amid high tensions with Russia over the conflict in Ukraine.

Units from North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries will participate in the exercises dubbed Namejs 2022. 

Russia: “NATO Vehicles in Ukraine Will Be Legitimate Targets”

The Namejs 2022 exercises will last until May 27. They will involve units from NATO countries deployed in Latvia on a rotating basis as part of the military bloc's Enhanced Forward Presence.

In the first phase, troops from the U.S., the Czech Republic, Poland, the United Kingdom, Lithuania and Estonia will take part, as well as soldiers from Albania, the Czech Republic, Italy, Iceland, Montenegro, Canada, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

The main objective of Namejs 2022 is to enhance the integration of national and allied forces for defense tasks, including practical training of Latvian and NATO command elements, joint tactical field exercises and cross-border combat cooperation.

Since late February, when Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a special military operation in Ukraine, several countries worldwide, including members of the U.S.-led alliance, have been imposing illegal sanctions against Russia.

Among the demands that Moscow issued in talks with the Ukrainian side is the non-inclusion of Kiev as a member country of NATO. Russia has untiringly condemned the military support offered by the bloc to Ukraine and has recently warned of nuclear expansion in Baltics if Finland and Sweden join NATO.           

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