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More Than 300,000 Displaced From Rafah, URWA Says

  • People leaving Rafah, close the Egyptian border.

    People leaving Rafah, close the Egyptian border. | Photo: X/ @AbujomaaGaza

Published 12 May 2024

Israel continues to keep the Rafah crossing closed, crucial for the entry of humanitarian aid.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), reported that evacuation orders in Rafah issued by the Israeli authorities forced more than 300,000 residents of the area to move anywhere.


Gaza Strip: 110,000 Palestinians Fled Rafah After Israeli Attack

The head of the organization Philippe Lazzarini refuted the Zionist allegations of the existence of safe areas in the Gaza Strip and called them false and misleading, while the situation in the southern city of Rafah is increasingly critical after the army imposed new forced displacements this weekend.

"Since the war began, most people in Gaza have moved multiple times: on average once a month. They desperately sought safety that they never found. Some have no choice but to stay  in bombed out UNRWA shelters," said Lazzarini in Twitter.

Israel continues to keep the Rafah crossing closed, crucial for the entry of humanitarian aid and where the chronically ill and wounded were leaving for treatment, although on Monday it announced the opening of a new crossing in the northern Gaza Strip.

"They are people, like you and I. They used to have dreams, they were part of a vibrant and diverse community…. Now, it’s only broken lives and broken futures," the UNRWA head said reffering to the Raffah displaced by the occupation forces.

Other targets besieged were the Nuseirat camps and ambulances near the UNRWA clinic in the middle of the Jabalia camp, says Al Mayadeen news agency, also indicates that during the last days there were numerous international sentences to the Israeli military operation in Rafah.

Since the October 7th, the Israeli occupation forces have killed more than 35.000 Palestinian, according to figures of the Health Ministry. The entity says also that more than 78,700 have been injured.

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