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Montonera Mother Who Fought Against Argentine Dictatorship Died

  • Jorge Videla's dictatorship survivor Thelma Jara, Argentina.

    Jorge Videla's dictatorship survivor Thelma Jara, Argentina. | Photo: Twitter/ @ARGinUSA

Published 22 October 2021

In 1979, Thelma Jara was kidnapped and tortured for her colaboration with the Montoneros guerrilla.

On Thursday, Argentina's "Sons for Identity & Justice Against Oblivion and Silence" (HIJOS) regretted the death of Thelma Jara, a member of the May Square Mothers who fought against the crimes of Jorge Videla's dictatorship (1976-1983).


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"Farewell, dearest Thelma. Our sincerest condolences to your family and friends. No forgetfulness or forgiveness for the Videla dictatorship’s crimes!" HIJOS stated.

In 1979, the dictatorship kidnapped and tortured Jara for collaborating with the Peronist guerrilla "Montoneros" and integrating the May Square Mothers association, through which she denounced the disappearance of her 17-year-old son Gustavo Cabezas.

While Jara was confined at the Navy's Mechanics School (ESMA), the military forced her to give an interview to the "For You" magazine’s journalists, who manipulated her answers and published them in an article entitled “The Mother of a Dead Subversive Speaks."

In Sep. 1979, Jara and other political prisioners were taken to Silence Island after a visit of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) to Argentina. In this place, she was forced to perform forced labor until she was released in December.

Jara never stopped looking for his son. In 1984, Alberto Fernandez, the current President of Argentina, denounced the Editorial Atlantida Director Anibal Vigil and the For You magazine ex-Director Agustin Botinelli for the publication against Jara and her son.

"Argentine Justice has prosecuted Vigil and Botinelli twice for this crime. Although they have still not been convicted due to lack of evidence, we will continue to fight to condemn this crime and Daniel's disappearance," the Jara family lawyer Pablo Llonto said.

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