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Mexico Prepares Investment Package With Private Participation

  • President Lopez Obrador at the National Palace, Mexico City, Mexico, October 5, 2020.

    President Lopez Obrador at the National Palace, Mexico City, Mexico, October 5, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @CerebrosG

Published 5 January 2022

A public-private investment plan will be presented before the end of January, which business people and the Ministry of Finance are working on to boost the economy.

The Mexican Government, through the Ministry of Finance, and the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) are preparing an investment package with public and private participation, which will be announced before the end of January, informed President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Wednesday.


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The Mexican president met this Tuesday at the National Palace with Carlos Salazar, president of the CCE, and announced that the meeting was to advance in the public-private investment package for this year and the coming years.

"In a few more days, the presentation of this proposal will be made, before the end of this month, they are already moving forward, and it is a joint investment proposal," he added.

"This is not the only initiative that we are promoting for the development of the country; we have to keep in mind that we have a very active economic relationship through the (trade) agreement (with the United States and Canada)," he said

"This is fundamental, investments continue to arrive in Mexico, and companies continue to be created to strengthen the economic integration of North America," he said.

"It was a wise decision to sign the new treaty with the United States and Canada. We have guaranteed investment." 

"Mexico has very favorable conditions in the concert of nations. It is an attractive country for investment, that is why it is not costing us much to recover the economy. Investment is arriving", the President celebrated.

The agreements with the private initiative are "in all sectors," he said, but he asked to wait until they are announced. 

"Many things that are going to be started already have a project, and we are going to inform about the progress of the other agreements we are carrying out," he detailed.

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