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Mexico: Ex-President Calderon Hindered Fire Investigation

  • Citizens pay tribute to the children dead in the ABC nursery fire, Mexico.

    Citizens pay tribute to the children dead in the ABC nursery fire, Mexico. | Photo: Twitter/ @Reporte_Indigo

Published 24 February 2022

The event occurred at the ABC nursery, which was administrated by the company of her wife's cousin Marcia Gomez. 

During the presentation of the book “Ten years of rights. Autobiography jurisprudence” on Wednesday, Mexico’s Supreme Court President Arturo Zaldivar denounced that President Felipe Calderon (2006-2012) pressured him so that the fire at the ABC Nursery —in which 49 children died— would go unpunished.


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"With this position, Calderon sought to protect his wife Margarita Zavala’s cousin Marcia Gomez, who represented the joint-stock company that ran the ABC Nursery, which did not have fire alarms or extinguishers," Zaldivar condemned.

Located in the Sonora state and subrogated by the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), the ABC Nursery caught fire on June 5, 2009, due to an overheating of the cooling system in its vehicle control warehouse.

The Supreme Court referred this case to Zaldivar, who charged the officials responsible for the nursery of human rights violations. The Court, however, refused to approve his ruling due to Calderon’s pressures.

In 2016, when Calderon has already left office, 22 officials involved in the case were condemned in a new trial, which did not manage to charge Gomez. So far, Zalava continues to allege any intervention by her or her husband to protect her cousin.

"This case is perhaps the one that has touched me the most in my judicial career because it has made me feel the greatest pain in someone else. One of the parents told me how he found his little girl Emilia in a hospital and when he touched her skin, it broke and peeled off," Zaldivar stated.

Other parents told him that the IMSS managers had altered the medical records so that their company did not have to pay them compensation. "I pledged to defend the rights of these children and their families, and so I will do until I get justice," he insisted.

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