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Mexico Celebrates 200th Anniversary of Its Independence

  • Independence Bicentennial Celebration, Mexico City, Mexico, Sept. 27, 2021

    Independence Bicentennial Celebration, Mexico City, Mexico, Sept. 27, 2021 | Photo: Twitter/ @lopezobrador_

Published 28 September 2021

"We thank women and men who put Mexico's name in the highest place," President AMLO said.

On Monday, Mexico commemorated the 200th anniversary of its independence from Spain with special events, among which was an artistic recreation of some historical landmarks in the Zocalo Square.


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"Since our political independence, the new nation went through very difficult and painful challenges until we became what we are today. We thank women and men who throughout history have known how to put Mexico's name in the highest place," said President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO).

He pointed out that the political separation from Spain was definitively established and stressed the importance of maintaining friendly relations with every country around the world.

Representatives from as France, Belize, Russian, and other countries expressed their greetings during the ceremony. Through a video message, President Joe Biden said Mexico is his country's "closest friend" and pledged to "strengthen and expand" this relationship.

During the event, actors staged the pre-Hispanic period, the Viceroyalty, the Cry of Independence, and the episodes of two outstanding insurgents, Jose Maria Morelos and Vicente Guerrero. Other key moments from the independence process were also represented, such as the Plan of Iguala, the Treaties of Cordoba, the triumphal entry of the Trigante Army, and the signing of the Act of Independence.

The AMLO administration inaugurated "The Greatness of Mexico" exhibition, which gathers over 1,500 archaeological pieces from the Mayan, Toltec, Teotihuacan, Aztec, and Mixtec cultures.

In addition, some commemorative coins were presented as part of these events. They depict the 700th anniversary of the founding of Mexico-Tenochtitlan city, the 500th anniversary of the "Indigenous Resistance", and the bicentennial of Mexico's independence.

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