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Lula Calls on All Democrats to Build a New Brazil on Sunday

  • Workers' Party presidential candidate Lula da Silva, Oct. 27, 2022.

    Workers' Party presidential candidate Lula da Silva, Oct. 27, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/ @cynaramenezes

Published 28 October 2022

O Globo will broadcast the last presidential debate on Friday night. Voting intention surveys show that Lula da Silva is the favorite to win the ballot.

On Friday, the Workers' Party candidate Lula da Silva called for the unity of all democratic political and social forces to consolidate the defeat of President Jair Bolsonaro in the second round of elections, which will take place on Sunday, Oct. 30.


Brazil's Presidential Candidate Lula To Get 53% of the Vote

"A country with democracy, without weapons, and where love prevails over hate," Lula said, reiterating his promise to build a "new Brazil" with opportunities for all, free from hunger, with a revalued minimum wage, and with quality public health.

"Brazil is the country of joy and not the nation of hate. Our country needs respect and dialogue. Thank you for your support and vote!," the Workers' Party leader tweeted less than 48 hours before over 156 million Brazilians go to the polls.

The O Globo network will broadcast the last presidential debate on Friday night, when the current Brazilian president will try to get a few votes to reverse a national trend that remains largely unfavorable against him.

According to data from voting intention polls conducted by companies such as Datafolha, Lula da Silva is the favorite to win the second round with over 53 percent of valid votes. Right-wing Capitan Bolsonaro would get 47 percent in the best case scenario.

The tweet reads, "On Sunday, vote with love and hope, and our future will be better. Watch Lula's latest electoral program."

On Thursday, the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) determined that Flavio Bolsonaro and other supporters of his father remove fake content about Lula da Silva from social networks.

In this regard, for example, TSE Judge Alexandre de Moraes ordered the removal of a video posted by Nikolas Ferreira, a right-wing lawmaker who was also prohibited from posting further similar videos. If this politician does not comply with the Court order, he will have to pay a daily fine of US$18,749.

Among other things, Ferreira's message holds that Lula da Silva will confiscate the properties of Brazilians and that the Workers' Party is to blame for the deaths from COVID-19 in Brazil.


Lula da Silva
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