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Lifting Sanctions Would Accelerate Venezuelan Economic Recovery

  • Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Sept. 2023.

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Sept. 2023. | Photo: X/ @NicolasMaduro

Published 22 September 2023

President Maduro also presented the "Bill for the Promotion of Non-Oil Exports" to the National Assembly.

On Friday, President Nicolas Maduro assured that the lifting of arbitrary sanctions imposed on Venezuela would accelerate the "comprehensive recovery" of this South American country.


Venezuela Brings to UN Geopolitical Map of Economic Sanctions

“No one can question that the lifting of inhuman sanctions against our people would represent an acceleration in the comprehensive recovery of Venezuela,” he said through social networks.

“For this reason, we must be united in one voice, demanding an end to the torture of the economic and social body of the nation.”

During the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday, Venezuelan diplomacy compared the economic sanctions imposed by the United States to "weapons of mass destruction" and proposed the formation of an alliance of countries to evade arbitrary coercive measures.

This initiative was congratulated by representatives of Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, Nicaragua, Belarus and Eritrea, countries that also experience the consequences of arbitrary sanctions.

At UNGA, Venezuela presented the "geopolitical map of sanctions", a digital tool to consult the sanctions that the U.S., the European Union and its allies have imposed against 30 countries.

On Thursday, the Venezuelan president presented the "Bill for the Promotion of Non-Oil Exports" to the National Assembly, which aims to contribute to his country's economic growth.

"It is an instrument that will allow us to make an institutional revolution and put ourselves at the level of the 21st century to facilitate all export activities. With great faith, I ask the National Assembly to study, consult, and discuss the bill for its approval," the Bolivarian leader said.

When evaluating the tasks that the Venezuelan nation must undertake, President Maduro also spoke about the need to consolidate broad consensus to guarantee peace, condemn the criminal sanctions against Venezuela, demand the lifting of the U.S. coercive measures, enhance economic prosperity levels, and recover the Welfare State.

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