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Latin American Women March Against Gender-Based Violence

  • Women take part in a demonstration to reject gender-based violence, Venezuela.

    Women take part in a demonstration to reject gender-based violence, Venezuela. | Photo: TeleSUR

Published 8 March 2022

Feminist organizations also circulated a blimp over Mexico City with the banner that read "10 Femicides Daily. None of Them Will Be Forgotten". 

On Tuesday, Latin American feminist activists and groups organized meetings and demonstrations against gender-based violence and femicides for international women’s day.


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Venezuelan citizens will march from Morelos Square to the San Francisco corner in Caracas to highlight the need to approve comprehensive policies that increase attention to women who have suffered domestic violence.

The Minister of Women Diva Guzman organized a debate on Wednesday to analyze the role of female citizens in strengthening the Bolivarian Revolution. She called on the Venezuelan men to participate in these initiatives to show their commitment to gender equality.

In Mexico City, members of feminist organizations circulated a blimp with the banner that read "10 femicides daily, none of them will be forgotten" in referring to the 30,000 Mexican women who have been victims of gender-based violence since 2000.

Activists also organized two demonstrations ahead of Mexico City’s Zocalo. The first one will begin at the 31st Republic Square at 13:00, and the other at the Revolution Monument at 14:00. Mexico City Security Secretariat deployed 3,000 women police officers to guarantee the safety of the participants, who were convened to carry purple garments, the official color of feminist movements.  

Under the slogan "We go for the life they owe us,” the Chilean Organization "March 8" called on the women to mobilize towards Santiago's Baquedano Square to protest against impunity.

In Argentina, the organization "Not One Less" called for a national strike for women’s rights. As part of this initiative, Buenos Aires women will march to the National Congress headquarters to demand the approval of comprehensive laws to fight gender-based crimes.


Diva Guzman
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