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Latin American Experts to Observe the Venezuelan Elections

  • A woman enters her ballot at a voting booth, Venezuela, Aug. 8, 2021.

    A woman enters her ballot at a voting booth, Venezuela, Aug. 8, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @LeonelTeleSUR

Published 8 September 2021

Besides observing the software audits carried out by Venezuela's electoral system, these experts will contribute to guarantee the consistency of the electoral database.

On Wednesday, Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE) signed an agreement with the Latin American Council of Electoral Experts (CEELA) for its members to be international observers of the Nov. 21 subnational elections.


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“These elections are of great importance since they are part of a political understanding process that is taking place in our country to promote peace. It is reassuring to feel that the CEELA experience will guide us in this work,” CNE President Pedro Calzadilla stated.

Besides observing the software audits carried out by the Venezuelan electoral system, the experts will contribute with their technical expertise to guarantee the transparency and consistency of the electoral database. After the elections, they will write a report with recommendations and analysis on the electoral process.

"We will visit several polling stations to have a clear opinion about the electoral process,” CEELA President Nicanor Moscoso stated and welcomed the CNE decision to publish his organization’s report.

Currently, CEELA schedules meetings with all political parties and candidates for governors and mayors to gather possible concerns about the electoral process. However, Moscoso stressed that his organization would remain impartial.

"We are an independent organization, which supports regional electoral processes without favoring any political candidate. Our mission is to promote democracy,” he stated, adding that Venezuela has one of the world's most advanced electoral systems in terms of technology, legislation, and administration.

Venezuela has also invited the European Union (EU) and the United Nations to participate in the upcoming elections as observers. However, these multilateral institutions have not yet confirmed their participation.

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