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Latin America Wins Top Award at Moscow Film Festival

  • 'Three Brothers,' a film by Argentine director Francisco Paparell. Apr. 27, 2023.

    'Three Brothers,' a film by Argentine director Francisco Paparell. Apr. 27, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@jornalnota

Published 27 April 2023

The director of "Three Brothers," Francisco Paparella, won the most prestigious award at MIFF.

The 45th Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF) awarded its Grand Prize to the Latin American film Three Brothers, by Argentine director Francisco Paparella..

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The joint Chilean-Argentine film centers around three hunting brothers who return to their homes in an isolated village in Argentine Patagonia. Andy Gorostiaga, Emanu Elish and Ulices Yanzon play the lead roles in the film.

The director of Three Brothers, Francisco Paparella, won MIFF's most prestigious award: the golden statuette of St. George, patron saint of Moscow. 

Paparella said during the award ceremony, held at the Rossiya Theater in the Russian capital, that it is an honor to have been recognized at the international festival that brought together films of great quality. 

According to the president of the festival's jury, Indian actor, director and producer Rahul Rawai, Three Brothers is "a powerful, heartbreaking film," with "a very strong story, great performances, visual design."

The event also awarded the Silver St. George Award for Best Male Performance to Bolivian Fernando Arce for the film Los de Abajo, directed by filmmaker Alejandro Quiroga. 

The Best Film Director category was awarded to Mexico's Tonatiuh García Jiménez for his film Luna Negra, which also received the Audience Award.

The Moscow International Film Festival 2023 began on April 20 and ended on Thursday. Eleven films from different countries competed for the golden statuette of St. George slaying the dragon.

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