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Italians Protest Against G7 Meeting and Genocide in Gaza

  • Pro-Palestine march in Naples, Italy, April 19, 2024.

    Pro-Palestine march in Naples, Italy, April 19, 2024. | Photo: X/ @positanonews

Published 19 April 2024

"Take the War Out of Universities", "Out with fossils, Out with War," protesters chanted.

On Friday, the Italian police attacked a demonstration in Naples when dozens of students tried to approach the port from which the ships leave for the island of Capri, where the foreign ministers of the Group of Seven (G7) are meeting.


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During several minutes of tension, the Police beat with batons some of the protesters who had been wearing life jackets "to defend themselves from the blows."

Students and members of the environmental movement 'Fridays for Future' participated in the demonstration, which protested in favor of the Palestinian people.

The nearly 300 people walked through the streets of Naples and stopped in front of the headquarters of the Federico II University, where they displayed banners with phrases such as "Take the war out of the universities", "Out with Fossils, Out with War."

From the beginning of the march, the students indicated their intention to get on a ferry and arrive in Capri to disrupt the G7 meeting.

Once in Municipio Square, the march diverted towards the Calata Porta di Massa dock from where the ferries depart and arrive.

"The protesters also expressed their solidarity with the Sapienza students after the incidents of the last few hours. They announced a protest at the Federico II University of Naples for Wednesday, April 24," Positano News reported.

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