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Israel to Enter Rafah With or Without Agreement: Netanyahu

  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. | Photo: X/ @DrLoupis

Published 30 April 2024

Security Minister threatened to break with the Netanyahu administration if the Israeli PM decides not to invade Rafah.

On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged to launch a ground attack on Rafah "with or without" a deal with Hamas.


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Speaking in a meeting with families of hostages, Netanyahu said that Israel has begun the evacuation of Palestinian civilians from Rafah.

"We will enter Rafah and eliminate Hamas battalions there, with or without a deal, to achieve the total victory," he said.

Israel considers Rafah as Hamas's last major stronghold in the Palestinian enclave. Rafah is Gaza's southernmost city, where about 1.2 million Palestinians have been seeking shelter.

The text reads, "One of the Palestinian children killed by Israel last night in its massive bombing of Rafah, a concentration camp with over 600,000 children trying to flee the bombs. This is what the self-proclaimed 'chosen people of Israel' do in the name of a vengeful and sadistic Old Testament god who tells them that the Amalekites (Palestinians) must be exterminated, leaving neither women nor men nor infants nor donkeys (animals) alive."

The remarks were made as Israeli and Hamas negotiators were in Egyptian-brokered talks on a deal for a ceasefire for the nearly seven-month-long Gaza conflict, that will secure the release of hostages.

On Tuesday, however, settler Itamar Ben Gvir, who is Israel's National Security Minister, threatened again to break with the Netanyahu administration if the Israeli prime minister decides not to invade Rafah and agrees to negotiate with Hamas.

"I warned the Prime Minister if God forbid Israel does not enter Rafah, if God forbid we end the war, if God forbid there will be a promiscuous deal," he said in a speech posted on X.


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