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Iran to Reinforce Economic Ties With Syria Despite US Sanctions

  • Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson Abas Musavi, Iran, 2020.

    Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson Abas Musavi, Iran, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @SOMOSRIOCRECID

Published 19 June 2020

Abas Musavi stressed that the new wave of unilateral sanctions affects the Syrian people.

Iran’s Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson Abas Musavi Thursday condemned the new sanctions imposed by the United States against Syria and indicated that his nation will strengthen its economic relations with the Arab country.


The US Caesar Act Is the New Way of Terrorism, Syria Denounces

"Iran does not validate unilateral sanctions and considers them expressions of the U.S. government's economic terrorism, which affects the people of Syria and seeks to destabilize the country," Musavi said.

The Iranian diplomat pointed out that the U.S. sanctions were against the international situation and aggravate the situation of the Arab country during the pandemic COVID-19.

"We will continue economic cooperation with the nation and the government as before and, despite sanctions, we will strengthen economic slows with this country," he added.

Besides targeting some leaders of the Syrian army, the new U.S. sanctions affect President Bashar al-Assad, his wife, his brother, and 36 other close collaborators.

These sanctions are part of the Caesar Act that went into effect this week and allows President Donald Trump's administration to use "coercive" diplomatic and financial means to "support" a government change in Syria.

Currently, this Arab country is going through a serious economic crisis because of an internal war that has been going on for years. To boost this country's post-war economy, Iran will invest in several strategic activities, among which is the construction of the electric network.


Abas Musavi
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