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India: Cholera Outbreak Kills 5 in Maharashtra

  • Cholera outbreak kills at least 5 death in India. July. 14, 2022.

    Cholera outbreak kills at least 5 death in India. July. 14, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@HindusthanPostM

Published 14 July 2022

According to Indian authorities from the Amravati district of Maharashtra, a cholera outbreak has claimed five lives.

In India, the Amravati district of Maharashtra's public health authorities has reported that at least five people have died due to a cholera outbreak in the state.  

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Two of the deceased were women and the other three were men. Three people who died were between 24 and 40 years old; the other two were over 70.

The water-borne disease was found in the Chikhaldara and Amravati blocks of the Amravati district last July 7. According to reports, the outbreak has tackled three villages of the Chikhaldara block (Dongri, Koylari, and Ghana) and one village (Naya Akola) in the Amaravati block.

Authorities have deployed medical teams, working 24 hours in outbreak-affected villages. Another team has deployed the control and prevention regarding the water quality. Monitoring, patient surveillance, management and treatment, and health awareness are underway and are being carried out properly by the designated specialists.

A specialized squad was sent to the district, which is currently developing investigations and offering guidance on treating the outbreak.

The Health Secretary (Public Health) has provided detailed instructions on disease control based on the District Collector and Chief Executive Officer of Amaravati district administration.

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