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IACHR Calls for Resumption of Dialogue in Visit to Colombia

  • Colombia's Ombudsman's Office delivers to the IACHR a balance sheet on the human rights situation in the context of social protest in Colombia.

    Colombia's Ombudsman's Office delivers to the IACHR a balance sheet on the human rights situation in the context of social protest in Colombia. | Photo: Twitter/@DefensoriaCol

Published 8 June 2021

The visit of the international human rights commission in Colombia will last until June 10.

An international human rights organization called on the Colombian government and the National Strike Committee to insist on the path of dialogue to overcome the social crisis that the South American country is going through.

The representation of the international organization indicated that the organization has always insisted that any human rights crisis is solved through dialogue.


 IACHR Asks To Visit Colombia To Inquiry Into Police Brutality

They also revealed that during their stay in Colombia they will hold meetings with the presidents of the High Courts, the representative of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Colombia and local authorities such as the mayor of Bogota, Claudia Lopez.

The Colombian Truth Commission also joined the international organization's call for the resumption of dialogues between the Government and the Strike Committee.

The National Strike Committee announced on Sunday the suspension of negotiations with the Colombian Government in view of its non-compliance with the pre-agreement, which has as fundamental axes the guarantee of the right to peaceful protest and demilitarization in all regions of the country.

"It is necessary that the Government accepts as soon as possible the guarantees of dialogue requested by the National Committee of the Strike and that it does not leave the table and initiate the negotiation that cannot be postponed. And it is necessary that the Government at the highest level comes to the table established by the young people of Cali," indicated the transitional body.

"In video, Defensor Camargo, gives details about the technical visit of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights @CIDH, which addressed the human rights situation in Colombia in the context of social protest. #IACHRVisit"

In the opinion of the President of the Commission, Father Francisco de Roux, the mobilizations have made evident the deep economic and social inequality that has led half of the population to poverty, landless peasants and millions of young people without education and employment.

Colombia's Ombudsman's Office said Monday that the international human rights body during its visit to the country will evaluate 584 alleged human rights violations in the context of the protests.

The office of the Ombudsman, Carlos Camargo, announced that it delivered to the human rights body a report on the demonstrations that broke out on April 28 against the government of Iván Duque.

Carlos Camargo, assured that since April 28 and until June 3, he has received 417 complaints that account for 584 human rights violations.

According to the head of the entity, "the most serious violations are translated into 58 cases of alleged homicides," of which 45 occurred in the department of Valle del Cauca (southwest), of which Cali is the capital.

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