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Colombia: Another Signatory to the Peace Agreement Is Killed

  • Social leader Jose Alonso, Colombia, 2021.

    Social leader Jose Alonso, Colombia, 2021. | Photo: El Tabloide.com

Published 6 June 2021

The death of Jose Alonso is further proof of the insufficient attention paid by President Iván Duque to the systematic murder of social leaders.

Colombia's Institute for Development and Peace Studies (INDEPAZ) on Sunday reported the assassination of Jose Alonso, a social leader from Tulua in the Valle del Cauca Department.


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This 56-year-old man was a signatory of the 2016 Peace Accord between the Colombian state and the then Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

The social leader was killed in La Moralia by a group of armed men while he was on his way to the Naranjal area.

Besides being known for his thirty years of social work, Alonso served as president of the Moralia's Communal Council until his assassination.

In the last elections, he was part of the list for the Council of Tulua on behalf of the Revolutionary Alternative Force of the Common (FARC), which is currently known as the Commons Party.

His assassination is further evidence of the lack of security for former FARC-EP supporters and the insufficient attention paid by Colombia's President Ivan Duque to the systematic assassination of social leaders.

According to INDEPAZ, Valencia is the 27th former FARC-EP member killed in 2021 and the 276th one assassinated since 2016.

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