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Honduras: Non-Essential Personnel Laid-off Due to Debts

  • President of Honduras Xiomara Castro. Apr. 28, 2022.

    President of Honduras Xiomara Castro. Apr. 28, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@Qhubooficial

Published 28 April 2022

The Government of Honduras is forced to lay off non-essential personnel in a scenario of an unsustainable wage bill with more debt than income.

The Ministry of Finance authorized the State institutions to dismiss all non-essential personnel or those who have irregularly obtained their appointments or jobs.

Honduran Congress To Repeal Hourly Employment Law

The strategy of the Hernandez government was political patronage to have control of a mass of activists to defend his government and many of these without justified assignments.

The instruction is that layoffs occur as long as the secretariats or directorates have funds to pay the labor rights of these workers.

In the last month of Juan Orlando Hernandez's administration, thousands of employees were illegally hired and agreements were authorized, which can now be canceled because the resources are already in the finance secretariat.

Thank you, Chairman @Lredondo and deputies. Dignified employment is achieved by repealing laws that affect the working class. I will be present this May 1st, as always in SPS.

Xiomara Castro's government also committed to complying with the job openings before the militancy of her party, which voted her to power in two elections.

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