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Hitmen Kill An Urban Artist and Youth Leader in Cali, Colombia

  • Social and Youth Leader Julian Muñoz, Cali, Colombia.

    Social and Youth Leader Julian Muñoz, Cali, Colombia. | Photo: Twitter/ @guenmecu

Published 26 January 2021

He was a member of the Prisoners of Hope Group, a social movement that helps young people to stay away from crime and drugs.

Colombia's Institute for Development and Peace Studies (Indepaz) Monday confirmed the murder of urban artist Julian Muñoz by an armed group in the Valle del Cauca Department.


Seven Killed in Colombia’s 60th Massacre of 2020

On Saturday, a group of hooded men shot the young man, 25, outside a barbershop in Comuna 18, in Cali city. His body was identified hours later by relatives and friends.

"Muñoz was a youth leader who belonged to the Prisoners of Hope Group, a movement that helps young people to stay away from crime and drugs," Indepaz reported, adding that he was the 14th social leader and human rights defender killed in Colombia this 2021.

"President Ivan Duque's government must take immediate action to stop the killing in the country. Innocent people are dying because of the escalating violence, while authorities do nothing to stop it," Indepaz President Camilo Gonzales urged.

"He is Julian Muñoz, urban artist, a youth leader in the Los Chorros sector in Cali, and member of the Prisoners of Hope social movement. He was murdered yesterday with 6 shots in front of his house. Another victim, another stolen life, another lost hope."

One day after Muñoz's murder, four people were killed, and three were wounded by armed groups in Valle del Cauca Department.

Local outlet El Pais reported the victims were teenagers Juan Marin, Nicolas Suarez, Valentina Arias, and Sara Rodriguez.

Valle del Cauca's governor Clara Roldan rejected the murders that took place in her Department over the weekend. She also offered a US$40,000 reward for any information that leads to the capture of the perpetrators.

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