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Colombia: Two Missing Citizens Were Found Death

  • A man carries a sign that reads

    A man carries a sign that reads "Here the only one who has sown violence is the government”, Colombia. | Photo: Twitter/ @peoplesdispatch

Published 21 January 2021

When traveling to work at a sawmill, the victims were abducted from a boat in the Nariño department.

Municipality of Tumaco's human rights official Jair Parra Wednesday confirmed the death of two young people who were part of a group made up of eleven Colombians who were reported missing on January 13.


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Found in a rural area of the El Charco municipality, the corpses were identified as Alberto Mesa and Vladimir Torres. Parra informed that a survivor was also found. 

The young men were apparently assaulted by an illegal armed group and taken to another location where they were shot. The group included nine Tumaco residents, one from Buenaventura municipality and another from Nariño.

When traveling to work at a sawmill, the victims were abducted from a boat heading from Mosquera to Tumaco in the Nariño department.

After four days of search, the Joint Stabilization and Consolidation Task Force Hercules indicated that 344 kilometers of rivers were covered with no results determining the whereabouts of the group.

Tumaco Mayor Maria Emilsen also noted that the disappearance of the group triggered the strengthening of military security in the Pacific sea and rivers converging in the municipality.

If the death of the missing people is confirmed, it would be the massacre with the highest number of victims in the last year. In Aug. 2020, one of the bloodiest assassinations took place in the Nariño department where eight young people were killed by individuals who stormed a party while shooting indiscriminately.

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