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Gaza: Day Three of the Truce

  • Until now, 70 Palestinian prisoners have returned home. Nov 26. 2023

    Until now, 70 Palestinian prisoners have returned home. Nov 26. 2023 | Photo: @PalastineEye

Published 26 November 2023

It is expected that 39 Palestinians prisoners will be freed this Sunday, more aid is coming into the strip, before the four-day truce ends.

On the third day of pacted cease-fire between Hamas and Israel, the expectation is that 39 Palestinian prisoners will be liberated, Israel allows more entrance of aid into the besieged city, Hamas release 13 Israeli captives.


Hamas Delays Release of Israeli Hostages and Accuses Israel of Violating the Truce Pact

The Egyptian government said that they already received the list of prisoners and hostages to be liberated today “The truce is proceeding without roadblocks,” the statement said, adding that 120 aid trucks crossed from Egypt to Gaza”, which includes two gas cooking trucks and two fuel trucks.

Until now 70 Palestinians prisoners have been released from Israeli jails and 26 Israeli hostages taken on October 7, also 10 Thais and one Filipino were fed by Hamas as part of a four-day's truce pasted between the armies.

As well as some news agencies have reported that despite the cease-fire in Gaza at least 8 people have been killed by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank in the last 24 hours.

As the third day of the four-day truce is about to end, people in the Gaza Strip are trying to get all kinds of supplies for themselves that they were denied access to due to the relentless Israeli strikes on Gaza, saysTareq Abu Azzoum, Al-Jazeera reporter.

According to the journalist, people in Gaza are making preparations for the possibility of a resumption of the fighting after the truce ends tomorrow.

Since October 7, the United Nations United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) said that the 80% of Palestinians in the Gaza strip have been displaced by the Israeli occupation forces.



Abu Azzoum
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