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France: Presidential Elections May See Historic Low Turnout

  • The majority of respondents have stated that the presidential campaign lacks ideas or vision. Apr. 09, 2022.

    The majority of respondents have stated that the presidential campaign lacks ideas or vision. Apr. 09, 2022. | Photo: France24

Published 9 April 2022

According to pollsters and commentators, the majority of French citizens believe that the 2022 presidential election campaign was of poor quality and never really took off, which could lead to protest votes and a historically low turnout in Sunday's first round.

According to a recent Ifop survey, 80% of French respondents believe the campaign was of "poor quality." After two years of covid epidemic, war in Ukraine and cost of living crisis, voters have complained of a lack of fresh political ideas or vision, as well as few remedies to their problems.


France: Macron Leads Voting Intentions with a Narrow Margin

The majority of respondents have stated that the presidential campaign lacks ideas or vision.

Emmanuel Macron hopes to be re-elected as he vows to continue to lower taxes and raise the retirement age to 65 in a bid to help France's unemployment rates.

Although he became involved in mediating the Ukraine crisis, some believe he entered the race too late, allowing Marine Le Pen to come in a close second.

The day before, Le Pen spoke out against the sanctions imposed on Russia and the import of its raw materials, in addition to the embargo imposed on Russian gas, oil and coal.Le Pen argued that the sanctions would have dire consequences not only for the French economy, but for the world economy as a whole.

The 53-year-old candidate has also enjoyed coverage of the emergence of Eric Zemmour, the French Donald Trump and polemicist who is even further to the right, and even more anti-Islamic and anti-immigration.


French voters have shown less interest in this election campaign than 5 years ago, despite their concerns.

Although the campaign has entered its last week, 54% of respondents say they have the feeling that it has not yet started. A historic number of French say they are not sure who they will vote for, putting the risk of abstention at 30% for Sunday.

Macron compared the sentiment to that in the U.K. before Brexit, saying during a rally, "Don't believe the polls or the commentators who sound definitive and tell you that... the elections are done, that everything is going to be fine. From Brexit to so many elections, what seems unlikely can happen."

As support for Le Pen rises, 66% of French believe Macron will win, a figure that was higher previously.

François Miquet-Marty, director of pollster Viavoice, revealed that polls indicate that "75% of French people think that there is really no new idea in this campaign." And at the same time, 76% of people are worried about the future of their children. There is a feeling that the solutions offered in this campaign are not enough."

French Presidential elections for the year 2022 will be taking place on Sunday, 10 April. Polls open across mainland France at 8:00 AM local time (6:00 GMT) on Sunday and will close at 19:00 PM local time in most places and at 20:00 PM in the larger cities including Paris. The first exit polls will be published once voting has ended everywhere, at 20:00 PM.

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