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France: Macron Leads Voting Intentions with a Narrow Margin

  • President Emmanuel Macron, France.

    President Emmanuel Macron, France. | Photo: Twitter/ @WARUKRAINE2022

Published 8 April 2022

The far-right candidate Marine Le Pen is likely to obtain 23,5 percent of the votes on Sunday.


On Friday, an Ipsos Consultant's poll showed that President Emmanuel Macron is the favorite candidate to win the elections on April 10, when he is likely to obtain 27 percent of the votes.


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Nevertheless, the survey pointed to a slight voting difference between him and his main opponent, the far-right candidate Marine Le Pen, who is likely to obtain 23,5 percent of the votes.

Abstention will be of about 25 percent for the first time since 2002, and the number of undecided voters could be 33 percent. If there is a second round, Macron would get about 66,1 percent of the votes, and Le Pen would obtain some 33,9 percent of the ballots.

In an interview with the outlet Le Parisien, Macron claimed that Le Pen defends a racist program that aims to polarize French society.

"Le Pen lied when she promised to implement programs to help our most-in-need citizens because she did not set out any strategy to fund such policies," Macron argued.

The Ipsos survey also revealed that the left-wing candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon is in third place for the first round of elections with around 17 percent of the voting intention.

Melenchon’s votes could be fundamental for the current President to move to a second ballot against Le Pen, who is likely to receive the votes of far-right candidate Eric Zemmour.

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