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Four Mountaineers Die When They Fall Into Volcano in Mexico

  • Pico de Orizaba volcano, Mexico.

    Pico de Orizaba volcano, Mexico. | Photo: X/ @ultimate_Degen1

Published 21 August 2023 (4 hours 16 minutes ago)

They fell while ascending from the southern side of the Pico de Orizaba volcano. Their bodies were found on Sunday.

On Saturday, four mountaineers lost their lives while ascending the Pico de Orizaba volcano in the municipality of Atzitzintla in the state of Puebla.


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They fell while ascending from the southern side of the volcano. The State of Puebla's Civil Protection reported that their bodies were found on Sunday.

The Mexican Volcanoes Hiking Group informed that the deceased athletes were Jose Ines Sepagua, Hugo Cruz, Carlos Altamirano, and Humberto Kenlly.

According to its version, one of the climbers fell more than 5,000 meters and dragged the other athletes that were tied to him.

At first, two deceased people were reported, but after the rescue groups confirmed that four people died in the incident.

The Civil Protection jointly activated with the Mexican Red Cross the search and rescue group in the mountain and support the recovery of the bodies and decrease.

Previously other accidents have been recorded in this Mexican volcano. In 2017, for example, a U.S. climber died in this mountain while seven athletes were injured and had to be rescued. A year later a member of the U.S. Embassy in Mexico also died climbing this volcano.

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