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Four Dead in Ukrainian Attack on Kherson City

  • File photo of the Antonivka Bridge.

    File photo of the Antonivka Bridge. | Photo: Twitter/ @rogue_corq

Published 21 October 2022

The victims were civilians who were being evacuated to the other side of the Dnieper River through the Antonivka Bridge.

On Friday, four people were killed and several wounded in a Ukrainian rocket attack on the Antonivka Bridge, from where some 60,000 residents of the Russian city of Kherson are being evacuated by ferry across the Dnieper River.


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“They attacked the Antonivka bridge. Residents of Kherson have died,” the deputy head of the Kherson Military-Civilian Administration, Kiril Stremousov, stressed, confirming that some 15,000 people have already managed to be evacuated.

"The Americans have again rocketed the civilian crossing by the Antonivka bridge," he said, alluding to the origin of the Himars rockets used by the Ukrainians.

Vladimir Saldo, the interim head of the Kherson military–civilian administration, specified that the missile victims were part of a civilian caravan passing through the bridge.

On Wednesday, regional authorities canceled the entry of civilians into Kherson for seven days and were preparing to create defensive fortifications.

Prior to these events, Russia reported that Ukrainian forces had launched 12 Himars missiles at a civilian crossing. Although the Russian air defense system managed to intercept 11 missiles, one of them hit near the bridge. Its effects, however, were minimal.

The Russian authorities also reported that their troops prevented the advance of some 20 Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups, which were trying to infiltrate the territory in the direction of Nikolaev-Krivoi Rog.

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