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FARC-EP Ex-Member Son Murdered In Colombia

  • So far this year, more people linked to the peace process have been killed than in all of 2018

    So far this year, more people linked to the peace process have been killed than in all of 2018 | Photo: El Tiempo/ Juan Pablo Rueda Bustamante

Published 1 June 2020

His father already survived an attempt on his life.

Nineteen years-old Jhon Carlos Montaño, son of a former FARC combatant, was killed in a rural area of the Colombian Department of Huila, Common Alternative Revolutionary Force (FARC) denounced Monday.


Colombia: Another Indigenous Leader Murdered in North Santander

Jhon Carlos was the son of Jose Montaño, a Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC-EP) ex-combatant who survived an attack against his life. On Saturday, in the same Department but Campoalegre municipality, another former member of the FARC-EP was murdered.

"It is the responsibility of the Colombian State, the national government and its institutions, to implement measures to protect the life, security, and personal integrity of the entire collective in the process of reincorporation, as well as their families, communities and social leaders," the statement said.

So far, 199 people related to the peace process have been killed in the country, along with 41 of its relatives.

In the statement, FARC addressed as well a petition to the United Nations Verification Mission (UNVM), to guarantor nations, regulatory agencies, and the civic movement to reject these actions and join the efforts to reach peace and demand that the national government complies with the agreements.

The assassinations occur in a moment in were Colombia is close to reaching one thousand in its COVID-19 death toll, considering that so far, the nation has 969 deceased out of 30,493 positive cases.

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