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Evo Morales: 'I Had to Resign to Save the Process of Change'

  • Evo Morales describes as impressive the popular mobilizations for his reception in Bolivia, Nov. 11, 2020

    Evo Morales describes as impressive the popular mobilizations for his reception in Bolivia, Nov. 11, 2020 | Photo: Twitter/ @evoespueblo

Published 17 November 2020

"We are going to take care of the ideological aspect and the social programs from MAS, above all," Evo highlighted.

Bolivia's Former President Evo Morales Monday reaffirmed that saving his life "was to save the process of change" following the coup in 2019. He made the statements during an interview granted to the multimedia platform teleSUR, in which he recalled the events that led him to leave the country just a year ago.


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"A comrade told me that I should resign because saving Evo's life was to save the process of change," said the former leader from the Chapara municipality in Cochabamba, at the headquarters of the Coordinating Committee of the Six Federations of the Tropic of Cochabamba.

"But the reason for my resignation was fundamentally to stop the burning of houses, of ministries, of Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) headquarters, of city halls," he said, and he offered details regarding the coup, which began with contradictions between the government and the military command.

"When we summoned the military command, General Calima made it clear to me that he does not have enough bullets...The bullets are not for the people, I replied. They were the first differences I had with the Armed Forces. I instructed the acts of persuasion. On Sunday, November 10, only by television, they informed that Chinese light aircraft were flying over Chayapata," he explained.

After these events, the Indigenous leader acknowledged that the Commander in chief of the Army asked for his resignation. "The Police mutinies, the Armed Forces ask for my resignation, also the Bolivian Workers Confederation", recalled the ex-head of state who returned after the electoral victory of the MAS and after staying in Mexico, first, and then in Argentina under the status of political refugee.

The ex-president also detailed how the moments before his departure from the airport in the city of La Paz were. There he was informed that the police wanted to take the airport to prevent him from traveling to Mexico. "A security guard shows me a little message: give us Evo, you have 50 big bucks," he said.

The former president said that his eight security guards received on two occasions the proposal of US$50,000 in exchange for handing him over or transferring him to the U.S. "An officer in the Armed Forces heard the orders: 'Evo has to go to the U.S. The order was to kill me or take me to the U.S.," Evo explained.

Evo returned as millions

Commenting on his impressions of the multitudinous and warm reception of the Bolivian people since his entry into the nation from Argentina, Evo noted that it has been "impressive" in over 13 mobilizations in which he has participated since his arrival in Bolivia.

 "The mobilization in Oruro was impressive. That's how impressive the love of the people is," he said, referring to the fact that the people not only defend their leader but also their president while recalling the origins of their union struggle. "That's historic. It has impressed me too," he added.

"My experience comes from the union struggle. How many times have I been arrested? twice confined, imprisoned. I was prosecuted for terrorism, for sedition, and I beat them all. Thanks to the people, I continued as a union leader. In 2002, I was expelled from the National Congress on the instructions of the U.S. Embassy," he recalled.

"The plan was to expel me, prosecute me, sentence me, and disqualify me as a candidate for president in 2002. The people mobilized. It was not long before I returned to Congress. But then there was a lawsuit of unconstitutionality and I defeated the expulsion that was totally unconstitutional," he continued.

"And now history is repeating itself. For reasons of life, for reasons of avoiding confrontations, I had to resign just to take care of life, and the people organize, mobilize, win, and I returned," he said, adding that the rallies will continue in response to requests for meetings to unite and strengthen the MAS.

"Our movement is unique in the world. The Indigenous sector is the one most threatened with extermination, discriminated, marginalized, and we promoted and created a political movement for the liberation of our country," he said, referring to MAS.

"And this movement is growing up, growing up, and has a lot of history. And that's why I have received so much love from the humble people.  Our government, our public management, and our social and communal union struggle have always been for the humble people," he added.

"I want to campaign for new comrades who are going to run as new candidates for mayors, governors, and other positions. That will do my corresponding task," he admitted while showing his willingness to support President Luis Arce in his new term.  "We are going to take care of the ideological aspect and the social programs from MAS, above all," he concluded.

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