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El Salvador: 6 Police Officers Arrested For Illegal Detentions

  • National police officers in San Salvador, El Salvador.

    National police officers in San Salvador, El Salvador. | Photo: Twitter/ @AlbertoRodNews

Published 22 April 2021

So far, the Attorney General's Office has charged 942 security forces members for homicide, extortion, sexual harassment, and illegal detentions. 

The Attorney General's Office of El Salvador on Wednesday captured six agents of the National Civil Police (PNC) for being involved in illegal detentions and the disappearance of one person.


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The police officers who were arrested in San Vicente Department are Miguel Hernandez, Luis Chavez, Cesar Menjivar, Milton Hernandez, Oscar Mancia, and Jose Menjivar. 

They will be prosecuted for the crimes of aggravated deprivation of liberty, procedural fraud, theft, aggravated robbery, extortion, and trespassing without legal authorization. Those crimes were committed between 2016 and 2018.

"The detainees took advantage of their position to conduct raids, searches, and illegal detentions. Sometimes, they drugged the victims to steal their firearms, money, and goods of value," the Prosecutor's Office stated.

El Salvador's PNC and Armed Forces are the most denounced institutions for violating human rights in this Latin American country.

From 2019 to 2020, the Attorney General's Office charged 783 police officers and 159 soldiers for homicide, injuries, threats, damages, extortion, sexual harassment, gender-based violence, and illegal detentions. 

During that period, the country registered 911 people who were injured, threatened, murdered, and raped by police and military officers. About 551 victims were men and 375 were women. There are no records of the 26 people remaining.

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