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Ecuador Passes a Bill Tightening Migration Procedures

  • Volunteers offer help to migrants on the roads, Ecuador, 2020

    Volunteers offer help to migrants on the roads, Ecuador, 2020 | Photo: Twitter/ @OIMEcuador

Published 4 December 2020

Nine conditions were added to change the deportation procedure included in the Law of Human Mobility.

Ecuador's Parliament approved a bill reforming the Law of Human Mobility that includes new elements for the deportation of alien citizens. 


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The Bill modifies 80 percent of the current migration law and it will be sent to the Executive branch in order to add observations.

Nine grounds for deportation were drafted, among them the illegal entrance to the country through an unauthorized place, the submittion of altered documentation, and the occurrence of repeated migratory misdemeanors.

Leftist lawmakers voted against the Bill, considering that it does not conform to the pronouncements of the Constitutional Court.

The second and final debate on the Bill was approved at the end of October by the Commission on Sovereignty and International Relations.

Parliament President Cesar Litardo vowed for a jurisdictional and not administrative deportation procedure so that judges would be the ones to impartially resolve the issue. 

Meanwhile, the Bill emphasizes that the deportation procedures or any other procedure affecting immigration status are individual in nature, thus prohibiting the expulsion of groups of foreign nationals.

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