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Ecuador Sentences 11 Waorani Indigenous People Over Homicide

  • Members of the Waorani Indigenous people, Ecuador.

    Members of the Waorani Indigenous people, Ecuador. | Photo: Twitter/ @NGO_ICEERS

Published 2 December 2020

In 2013, members of the Tagaeri-Taromenani tribe were murdered at the hands of people from the Waorani Indigenous community.

The Justice Court of Orellana province in Ecuador ratified the sentence imposed on 11 persons of the Waorani Indigenous community, who were accused of a crime of homicide against the Tagaeri-Taromenane Indigenous tribe in 2013.


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The prosecutor's office pointed out that the sentence was imposed under the "principles of interculturality" as set out in the Constitution, following a dialogue with elders of the Waorani tribes.

For four years, the accused must complete 200 hours of community work per year in the communities located in Block 16 operated by the Spanish oil company Repsol and which are contiguous to Indigenous Peoples in Voluntary Isolation (PIAV) zones in the province of Orellana.

They also must build "chakras" which are pieces of land destined for the cultivation of food products for domestic consumption and refurbish traditional Waorani (Onkos) houses. In addition, they must offer a public apology.

The Public Prosecutor's Office decreed that once the sentence is made official, it must be read in the ancestral Waorani language (Wao-tededo), on a community radio station of greater reach in the provinces of Orellana, Napo, and Pastaza. 

On 30 March 2013, at least 20 members of the Tagaeri-Taromenani clans, a tribe that has remained hidden in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest and considered to be an ethnological treasure, were murdered at the hands of members of the Waorani Indigenous community.

During the attack, two Tagaeri-Taromenane girls were captured. According to the sentence, they will continue in the Victim and Witness Protection System (Spavt) of the State Attorney General's Office until they turn 21.

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