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Ecuador: Leftist Candidate Claims Govt Plans to Delay Elections

  • Andrez Arauz (C) leads a march in Santo Domingo city, Ecuador, Nov. 30, 2020.

    Andrez Arauz (C) leads a march in Santo Domingo city, Ecuador, Nov. 30, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @ecuarauz

Published 2 December 2020

President Moreno's administration has hindered the candidacy of the leftist binomial Andres Arauz-Carlos Rabascall.

Ecuador's leftist presidential candidate Andres Arauz denounced the intention of President Lenin Moreno's administration to postpone the elections so as to have more time to privatize the country's public companies. 


Ecuador: Arauz Questions the Rejection of Correa's Candidacy

"They are trying to delay the elections, scheduled for February 7, 2021, to buy time and take over the public patrimony before the assumption of a new government," Arauz explained.

In September, the Moreno administration began privatizing the Esmeraldas Refinery and some electric companies, which were recovered and strengthened by the State during Rafael Correa's government (2007-2017).

"Moreno wants to carry out these negotiations to weaken the companies and public institutions. Ecuador's persistent crisis has combined with political inaction and a return to neoliberal measures," Arauz added. 

The Union for Hope movement (UNES) candidate also condemned the Electoral Contentious Tribunal (TCE) decision to delay the qualification of the Arauz-Carlos Rabascall binomial, which currently leads the voting intention.

"They want to leave us out of the ballot because we offer hope, change, participation, and recovery for Ecuador. They fear us because we are facing this nefarious model that has destroyed us," he assured.

On Saturday, the TCE suspended the session in which it would address the challenge filed against the UNES presidential binomial. The TCE is expected to announce its final decision later this week.

Latin America's main political actors expressed their concern about the government's repeated obstacles to register the UNES binomial candidacy.


Andres Arauz
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