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Ecuador: Ex-President Correa Denounces Legal Abuses Against Him

  • Former President Rafael Correa, Quito, Ecuador.

    Former President Rafael Correa, Quito, Ecuador. | Photo: Twitter/ @pichinchauniver

Published 9 September 2020

The process against him has been flawed by illegal actions committed by the judicial authorities.

During an interview on the program En Clave Politica broadcast by teleSUR, Ecuador's former President Rafael Correa harshly criticized the decision of the National Court of Justice (CNJ) that condemns him to eight years in prison and prevents him from participating as a candidate for the vice-presidency in the 2021 elections.


Ecuador: Correa's Candidacy 'Definitively' Nulled in Record Time

"They are using political persecution as a method against Latin American progressive leaders," he said, assuring that the decision against him is "too ridiculous" since the judges evidently could not review 20 appeals and 900 pages of a previous sentence in just seven days.

Previously, in the so-called 2012-2016 Bribery case, Correa was accused of having received millions of dollars during his presidency. On this occasion, however, the leftist leader was convicted of allegedly receiving US$6,000.

The political persecution against him, however, has enhanced the prospects of victory for the Citizen Revolution (RC) movement in the February general elections.

"After three and a half years of attacks that have tried to destroy us, we are the main political force in Ecuador. People consider me the best president in the country's history. I am the politician with the best public image,” Correa said, adding that the Ecuadorian elites “do not understand they cannot outlaw an entire people. It's silly what they're doing."

The recent CNJ ruling, which establishes that the RC leader may not be a candidate for any public office in the next 21 years, argues the existence of a "psychic influence" as evidence of the bribery case, which is legal ridiculousness and a violation of the rule of law.

“They act like this because they have no proof. There is no message, no order, no recording, no bribery,” Correa stressed and explained that the entire legal process against him has been flawed by illegal actions committed by the judicial authorities, which are controlled by the President Lenin Moreno's administration.

“There is proven evidence that the judge who made the sentence colluded with the prosecution. There are emails that show that they colluded to prepare the sentence. That is procedural fraud. The judge and the prosecutor should be in jail."


Rafael Correa
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