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Ecuador: Ex-Agent Accuses Moreno's Administration of Extortion

  • Ex-Intelligence agent Raul Chicaiza, Quito, Ecuador, August 31, 2020.

    Ex-Intelligence agent Raul Chicaiza, Quito, Ecuador, August 31, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @CRCTsomosEcu

Published 1 September 2020

"They took us out of confinement centers and put us under a lot of pressure," Chicaiza said.

The former agent of the Ecuadorian Police Raul Chicaiza Monday stated that President Lenin Moreno’s administration tried to extort him to implicate ex-President Rafael Correa in the alleged kidnapping of the right-wing politician Fernando Balda.


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Chicaiza informed that former Presidential Advisor Santiago Cuesta and the former president of the Citizen Participation Council Cesar Trujillo tried to force him to testify against Correa.

Trujillo and Cuesta also coerced those involved in the Balda case to submit to the protected witness program with the purpose of linking Correa and his comrades to the case.

Chicaiza described this program as a mechanism through which the Moreno administration and the Prosecutor's Office blackmailed witnesses to achieve certain versions of the facts.

The ex-agent assured that Moreno met Fernando Balda in Esmeraldas in 2012 to plot the move against Correa. He also unveiled that their plan was to use the judicial system to promote an act of political revenge.

"There was no kidnapping, there was a political pact. Politics is embedded in the Justice system," Chicaiza said, adding that the ex-president of the National Assembly, Jose Serrano, took part in the agreement too.

"After finishing my sentence, I have never received help from the witness protection program. My life has been at risk as I have had three attempted shootings and a traffic accident," Chicaiza recalled.

Early August, the former police officer requested refuge in Argentina due to threats against him, as reported by local outlet Pichincha Communications. 

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