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EU Creates Law to Regulate Use of Artificial Intelligences

  • EU’s artificial intelligence law is a pioneer in the world: Ursula von der Leyen

    EU’s artificial intelligence law is a pioneer in the world: Ursula von der Leyen | Photo: X/@vonderleyen

Published 9 December 2023

The European Union seeks to promote a law that rule the AI use in the member States.

The EU institutions pacted the creation of a law that allows or ban the use of Artificial Intelligences which may be a risk for security, users and that seeks to boost European industry.


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The objective of the law is to regulate the use of a technology with great possibilities for society, which at the same time generates doubts and some questions that the developers of artificial intelligence do not yet know how to answer.

"EU’s artificial intelligence law is a pioneer in the world. A unique legal framework for the development of artificial intelligence that can be trusted," said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in a message on social network X.

It is still pending that the law be ratified by the European parliament and the council of the European union, the institution representing the European governments.

The use of biometric identification cameras in public spaces by law enforcement officials to ensure national security was one of the most sensitive points of the negotiations.

Cameras can be used to prevent terrorist attacks with judicial authorization
They may also be used to locate or identify persons who have committed terrorist, human trafficking, sexual exploitation or environmental crimes and to search for victims of such crimes.

During the negotiations, governments pressed for the list of crimes to be extended, while the European Parliament has tried to limit it as much as possible and obtain strong safeguards for fundamental rights.

The regulation also provides for the creation of the European Office of Artificial Intelligence, which will coordinate the use of technology among national authorities and will be advised by a panel of scientists and civil society organizations.

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