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Diaz-Canel: They Intend to Carry out a Soft Coup Against Cuba

  • The Cuban president said that the blockade does not allow them to advance at the speed they want for the development of the country.

    The Cuban president said that the blockade does not allow them to advance at the speed they want for the development of the country. | Photo: Granma

Published 14 July 2021

The president warned that the disturbances registered in some areas of the country respond to "all the precepts of unconventional warfare".

The President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, denounced on Wednesday that actions are being prepared to carry out a soft coup against the Caribbean island.

During an address during the "Round Table" TV program, the President indicated a conservative sector of the population that does not want the development of the Cuban Revolution and does not aspire to a civilized relationship.

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"That very conservative sector links the Cuban-American mafia. Around that, the main aspirations of that conservative sector have been precisely to try to apply a policy of a soft coup against our country," said Díaz-Canel.

"We have always been blocked. We are a generation that has been born, raised, and lived under a blockade. We are one of the generations that have constantly been participating in a whole group of programs to prevent the blockade from delaying things or the country from being unable to overcome the blockade", he said.

Likewise, he said that the disturbances registered in some parts of the country last Sunday and Monday respond to "all the precepts of non-conventional warfare," a plan that is underway.

Achievements amid the blockade

Despite the intensification of the U.S. blockade during the pandemic, the Cuban President stressed that the country had consolidated outstanding achievements in health matters to protect the population.

Given the Covid-19 pandemic peak, Cuba presented the results of Abdala, the first Latin American vaccine against the new coronavirus, which has a 92.28 percent efficacy rate.

"One more step in the successful confrontation of the pandemic and thus eliminate the effects of the peak," he highlighted.

Commitment to the well-being of Cubans

Díaz-Canel explained that the blockade had deepened some of the island's shortages as it does not have sufficient resources to meet all the population's needs.

He detailed that they must prioritize the acquisition of supplies. In doing so, a great effort is made to pay companies that supply the island, but when unloading, a financial hold is imposed when required to make a payment that must be made on the spot to have access to the goods. "Examples like that are experienced every day," he added.

"All our Government, the comrades of the party leadership have a great sense of responsibility so that the country may develop as much as possible," he said.

The Executive confirmed that the illegal blockade does not allow them to advance at the speed they wish for the country's development, which generates moments of disagreement or incomprehension in sectors of the population. "I never tire of saying that it is cruel, genocidal, low, and belittles the powerful country against a nation like us," he commented.

Likewise, he clarified that they want and work for a more prosperous nation. "If they let us act on our own talent, if they do not put obstacles in our way, we can achieve it."

Lessons after the riots

The President regretted that sectors of the population who have had opportunities to develop in the country participate in these actions. In addition, he reiterated that the alleged demonstrations described as peaceful were not.

"The feeling of the Cubans is not one of hatred but of solidarity. They (protesters) came armed and announced people's deaths, throwing stones, assaulting places (...) They committed acts against the Constitution of the Republic, endorsed by more than 80 percent", he said.

Likewise, he said that these facts left several lessons for the Government. "We have to continue multiplying the feelings of solidarity and respect. We must make more efforts and achieve more results, help each other more. What we have to encourage is to try to find the solution among all of us", he emphasized.

Economic development

'For his part, the Minister of Economy, Alejandro Gil, announced that a payment system would be implemented in which the companies will make their own salary scales.

Gil explained that the measure would be applied on an experimental basis in selected companies initially. "Everything under a pattern of rationality," he pointed out.

In this way, Cuban state-owned enterprises will begin to self-manage their workers' salaries, gaining greater autonomy. At the same time, Gil pointed out that Cuban state-owned enterprises are experimenting with the initiative for the first time.

At the same time, he stressed the importance of the interweaving between the state sector and the private economy, calling attention to the fact that this economic measure will always be carried out under the supervision of the Government.

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