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AMLO Denounces Numerous Fake Media Campaigns Against Cuba

  • Mexican President AMLO on Monday called for the lifting of the economic blockade against Cuba and criticized the

    Mexican President AMLO on Monday called for the lifting of the economic blockade against Cuba and criticized the "unusual media hype" surrounding the protests on the island. | Photo: Twitter/@Granma_English

Published 14 July 2021

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador today used the case of Cuba as an example when he held the second round of the "Who's Who in the Mexican Lies." 

This section of his morning press conference has caused a stink in the press that opposes his government.

The President referred to the avalanche of false, distorted, and biased information against the Government of Cuba by magnifying the outbreaks of riots in some parts of the country with clear political objectives.


AMLO Doubles Down in Defense of Cuba: Blockade Main Cause

López Obrador was one of the first rulers in the world to denounce and unmask the media campaign against the island and crude montages such as the one carried out in Mexico by the agency Artículo 19, financed by the U.S. embassy, by inserting in its media images of demonstrations that took place in Egypt as if they were in Havana.

He referred to the Mexican conservatives, and others who went to protest in front of the Cuban embassy, pretending to be human rights defenders and what they seek and do is the opposite, and incite confrontation as happened that day in front of the diplomatic headquarters.

Fortunately, he pointed out, the consequences were minor, but there were insults against Cuba and its diplomatic officials. One of these was aggressive and disrespectful towards Cubans themselves. And who did it? A human rights commission president, an academic, a supposedly prepared man, a university graduate, did not even know what he was saying. Still, his racism led him to those vile attitudes.

"That mentality is there, that is to say, nothing more than hypocrisy, at the first moment it comes out, and those negative, deforming attitudes lead us to reflect on how to deal with young people so that they are not contaminated and do not act in that way," AMLO said.

"What they are receiving in terms of information goes in that direction, and even worse because the bad practice is accompanied by provocation, violence, hatred, and we have to achieve a change of mentality, and we are going to achieve it among all of us, although there is much to learn and help to train young people and protect them because they are very defenseless," said the president.

"It is a behavior," he pointed out, "that should not be a model to follow. Is that the new middle class that is being formed? We have to live with morals, with ethical fraternity, to be able to create a better society."

"AMLO exposes the racism of human rights defender René Bolio in PAN protest in front of the Cuban embassy."

He considered that as President of the Republic, he had the task of speaking to many people, and now that we have these morning conferences, we have to debate the issues, even if we are against or in favor of them so that we can live better.

Last week, the President started the new section, which is conducted by the young journalist Ana Elizabeth García, dedicated to analyzing the most important fake news of the week, counteracting them with the real facts and exposing the media that spread them and the journalist who wrote them, as well as the objectives they pursue.

Now with the confinement of the pandemic, he warned, young people suffered and were very exposed to toxic contents. It is very important to correct all that because the politics of the new generations is at stake.

"It is very important to correct all of this because it is about the formation of the new generations. There has always been, since before the social networks, with television used as an instrument to make them idiotic, as Borges denounced when he accused it of being a factor of manipulation and massive control," he said.

But, he added, "what we are living now is different, because with social networks it is more intense, much more intense than what we suffered before its existence, that is why we have to look for options, alternatives, because our children and grandchildren are at stake."

"It is important to protect them from manipulation, without authoritarianism, but it is not enough to say that it is wrong because they are manipulating information, but what is the alternative and what is the model to follow," AMLO concluded.

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