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Cuban Revolution's Principles Are Not Negotiable: Diaz-Canel

  • President Miguel-Diaz Canel, Havana, Cuba, Oct. 28, 2021.

    President Miguel-Diaz Canel, Havana, Cuba, Oct. 28, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @DiazCanelB

Published 29 October 2021

The Cuban President ratified that socialism has allowed his country to develop amid the U.S. harsh economic blockade. 

During a parlamentary session on Thursday, Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel denounced that the U.S. diplomatic mission in Havana has supported destabilizing attempts to overthrow the Cuban revolution.


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"Although the U.S. President Biden promised to improve diplomatic relations with Cuba, his administration financed the July 11 march, which called for an U.S. military intervention," Diaz-Canel condemned.

"American diplomats met with the march promoters and gave them logistical support. How would the Biden administration respond if any diplomatic mission promoted demonstrations against its country’s rule of law?” he questioned, stressing that Cuba has never meddled in U.S. internal affairs.

In March 2020, former President Donald Trump also strengthened the U.S. economic blockade against Cuba to restrict the Revolutionary government’s income sources amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Although the blockade remains the fundamental obstacle to our development strategies, it is not insurmountable," Diaz-Canel stressed, recalling that Cuban scientists successfully developed three coronavirus vaccines: the Abdala, Sovereign 02, and Sovereign Plus, which proved to have an efficacy rate of over 90 percent in clinical trials.

The president recalled that these scientific achievements show the Cuban people’s development capacities, which the Revolutionary government has enhanced through comprehensive education.

"Socialism is not to blame for our problems. It is what explains that we have survived to the U.S. harsh economic policies without giving up to developing the country. If the United States wishes to establish better diplomatic relations with Cuba, it must respect this principle,” Diaz-Canel concluded.

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