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Cuban Players Seek Stable Relationship with the Major Leagues

  • Cuba Team 2013 players.

    Cuba Team 2013 players. | Photo: Twitter/ @ariel93031

Published 13 April 2022

Such a relationship will allow "the natural flow of Cuban players to and from that circuit," Cuban Baseball Federation President Perez said.

On Tuesday, the Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB) President Reynaldo Perez indicated that his country aspires to develop a "stable and non-politicized" relationship with the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB).


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Such a relationship will allow "the natural flow of Cuban players to and from that circuit," Perez said after taking office on Monday.

This official considered that the 2018 MLB-FCB agreement, which was annulled by former President Donald Trump, prompted a respectful, ethical, and professional exchange between both organizations.

"The agreement annulment demonstrated the U.S. government's politicization of sports and put our players in a vulnerable position by forcing them to risk their lives and incur debts to emigrate," Perez stated.

Although baseball is considered a "cultural heritage" in Cuba, professional athletes experience a crisis due to the lack of infrastructure and implements. The outlet Trabajadores pointed out that 635 baseball players have left the country over the last six years, in many cases without official permits.

"Our Federation defends a respectful relationship with Cuban players working in other leagues. Those who comply with migration provisions have rejoined the National Series and the Cuba team in some cases," Perez explained.

He also mentioned that Cuban players in the MLB who meet the established requirements will be able to join national and foreign tournaments on behalf of Cuba without setbacks and that the FCB is ready to resume negotiations for the re-implementation of the 2018 agreement.

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