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Cuba: Strategy To Boost Economy Helps Social Justice

  • Famous sculptural relief of Che Guevara at Cuban Revolution Square

    Famous sculptural relief of Che Guevara at Cuban Revolution Square | Photo: AFP

Published 27 July 2020

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel has affirmed that the socioeconomic strategy the country is currently implementing won’t leave anyone helpless.

The President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, said during the Council of Ministers meeting that the recently approved socioeconomic strategy to boost the domestic economy and face the global Covid-19 crisis would leave no one behind and the most vulnerable will continue being protected.


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According to Granma, the official Communist Party newspaper, Díaz-Canel stated that it is necessary to work quickly and have a receptive ear for people's criteria when applying the different planned measures that have already begun to be implemented, and called for speedy progress and receptive ear for people's ideas.

The Cuban President stressed that the success of the strategy lies in its timely implementation so that it begins to give results in boosting the economy. It also noted that nothing that is approved should hinder the performance of the productive forces.

"I will participate in the Meeting of Leaders 30 years after the Sao Paulo Forum."

During the most recent Council of Ministers meeting Díaz-Canel insisted on strengthening the work in the municipalities because everything that is done has to be articulated in them.

He pointed out that the current context also demands "a transformation in the way of thinking and the way of acting"; many of the things approved break traditional work schemes based on an inadequate relationship between central state administration agencies and the business system.

Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz led the meeting, in which the strategy was discussed and also passed three issues of great importance for the development of the nation: the National Plan for Economic and Social Development until 2030; the Policy to Promote Territorial Development, and the Plan for Food Sovereignty and Nutritional Education in Cuba.

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