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Cuba: Authorities Stop Terrorist Plan Orchestrated From U. S.

  • Jet ski used by one of the detainees to reach national territory.

    Jet ski used by one of the detainees to reach national territory. | Photo: Cubadebate

Published 10 December 2023

Cuban authorities recently foiled a plan of destabilizing actions by terrorists based in the United States, which would presumably be carried out during the end of the year holidays.

According to a statement transmitted by Cuban Television, it was revealed that the Ministry of the Interior (Minint) has arrested and investigated several people linked to plans to carry out violent actions in the last days of the year.


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The Minint offered details of the investigations in progress and on the basis of evidence gathered asserted that Cubans involved in these events, residents of the United States, have links with terrorists who also reside in that country, who publicly promote violent actions against Cuba and have even received military training.

Among these persons who have now been investigated, are terrorists who have been included in the list of persons subject to criminal investigations, based on their involvement in the promotion, planning, organization, financing of terrorist acts against Cuba that the Cuban state published in the Official Gazette on December 7.

Humberto López, who regularly denounces on National television the plans of these terrorist organizations reported that the MININT, days ago arrested a citizen of Cuban origin resident in the U.S. , who entered the country illegally by sea using a jet ski, and then moved to other regions and tried to recruit other people, who were arrested and are also investigated.

The post reads: In the main broadcast of the Cuban Television Newscast, an important complaint about enemy plans and actions against Cuba that are being investigated by the Ministry of the Interior will be published this Saturday, December 9.

To the detainee was taken over by a shipment that included pistols of various calibers with reinforced magazine modules and ammunition.

One of the recruited and arrested during the current investigation confessed that he received orders from Manuel Milanés Pizonero, who resides in the U.S. and offered him $50 for posting posters, $100 for assaulting public officials, $100 for burning reeds and $200 for burning tobacco-covered houses.

A second detainee confessed to having links with Amijail Sánchez González, a US resident, who was prosecuted in Cuba for carrying and illegally possessing a firearm, theft, illegal killing of livestock, injuries, illegal economic activity and manslaughter.

He said that Amijail Sánchez offered him $1,500 for destroying a high-voltage electrical tower, burning Cuban state cars ($300) and sugar cane fields (100).

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