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Croatian President Will Remove Troops in Conflict With Russia

  • Croatian President will remove troops in Eastern Europe conflict. Jan. 25, 20022.

    Croatian President will remove troops in Eastern Europe conflict. Jan. 25, 20022. | Photo: @OdinitOrder

Published 25 January 2022

Croatian President Zoran Milanovic is accusing the U.S. of exacerbating the conflict in Eastern Europe. He also states his resolve to keep Croatia away from it. 

Since tensions have increased on the border between Russia and Ukraine, the Croatian President has announced that Zagreb will remove its troops from NATO contingents deployed in the region.


UK Retires Diplomatic Staff From Ukraine

The leader expressed his concern about NATO’s major new deployment in the region. He guaranteed that Zagreb’s authorities were not part of the move and would not be part of it because it was a matter of international security.

An intended build-up of Russian forces on its border with Ukraine has been alerted by Western leaders and media in the last few weeks, which has led to the recent high tensions among the parts of the conflict. NATO has announced that members of the bloc will send more military force into the waters of Eastern Europe. 

Russia has been accused of intending an invasion of Ukraine, which the Kremlin has denied. This has been a month of several diplomatic meetings involving Russia and the U.S. The first one is looking for a written response on its security proposals from American officials.

Russia demands that Ukraine be banned from NATO membership and stop military activities of the bloc in the region. 

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary-General, has responded, stating that Moscow has no authority over Ukraine’s efforts to join the bloc.

In 2020, the Croatian armed forces deployed as part of nine separate missions were backed by the country’s parliament, including NATO contingents stationed in Poland.

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