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Crimes Against Haitian Police Must Not Leave Unpunished: CARDH

  • Gang members capture a Haitian police armored car, 2023.

    Gang members capture a Haitian police armored car, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/ @Haiti24_

Published 14 March 2023

Human rights defenders recalled that most gang members who have killed Police officers in the last two years have not been prosecuted yet.

On Monday, Haiti’s Human Rights Analysis and Research Center (CARDH) condemned that the Haitian Justice had not found or prosecuted the culprits for the murder of six SWAT police officers at the God Village in Port-au-Prince on March 12, 2021.


UNICEF Requests Solidarity With Haitian Youth Over Gang Attacks

On that day, Haitian police carried out a special operation to evict the “5 Segonn” gang from the God Village. One policeman disappeared, several others were injured, and five agents died in this operation, after which gang members stole the bodies of the diseased officers and defiled them.

The CARDH stressed that former Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe acknowledged that there were tactical errors and information withholding during the operation. He, however, gave no further details of how the gang members killed the officers and seized their corpses.

Former Police Inspector Carl-Henry Boucher was declared responsible for the failed operation. He served in solitary confinement at the National Police General Inspectorate. However, he was released without trial after declaring himself innocent in some radio interviews.

The tweet reads, "Violence erupts in Haiti. Gang wars, arms trafficking, kidnappings, and overwhelmed police. The security situation continues to deteriorate, according to a UN report. Daily life becomes unlivable for the population."

"The murders in God Village, as well as other events that have claimed the lives of about 100 Police officers over the last two years, are part of an international plot that seeks to destabilize the country,” Police officer Garry-Jean Baptiste condemned.

On Jan. 20, armed gang members murdered three officers in an ambush in Metivier town. Five days later, another armed group killed six agents at the Liancourt police station. 

"The gangs will continue to harm and murder as long as our Justice system does not prosecute their members," Baptiste said, stressing the link between impunity and the deteriorating security situation in the country.

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