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Costa Rica to Debate Regularization of the Cannabis Market

  • Image of a cannabis leaf.

    Image of a cannabis leaf. | Photo: Twitter/ @radio580nic

Published 21 April 2021

A new bill seeks to authorize its cultivation, production, commercialization, consumption, importation, and exportation.

The Citizen Action Party (PAC) presented a bill to regulate the consumption, production, and sale of cannabis in Costa Rica. 


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Lawmaker Enrique Sanchez justified the bill as an opportunity for "more employment, security, health, and market opportunities." 

The project authorizes the cultivation, production, acquisition, storage, commercialization, transport, distribution, importation, and exportation of cannabis.

Nevertheless, it also allows the State to temporarily limit the number of licenses for production, the total areas of sowing, and regions where crops can be developed.

The proposal includes licenses for cannabis' production, industrialization, and commercialization. Only small and medium enterprises and farmers can access these authorizations. 

PAC representatives detailed that the domestic cannabis market might reach sales representing 0.32 percent of the country's gross domestic product (GDP). They added that the local market for products such as bananas, pineapple, ground coffee, and cane sugar does not exceed 0.25 percent of the GDP.

In the Americas, only Uruguay, Mexico, Canada, and 16 U.S. states have approved the recreational use of cannabis.

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