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Colombians Take to the Streets Again in New Day of Protests

  • In Bogota, a massive mobilization for life, peace, democracy and against Duque's package deal and against corruption occurred Wednesday.

    In Bogota, a massive mobilization for life, peace, democracy and against Duque's package deal and against corruption occurred Wednesday. | Photo: Twitter/@cutcolombia

Published 20 October 2021

Among other demands, protesters demanded the Congress approve ten bills submitted by the National Strike Committee.

The Central Unitaria de Trabajadores (CUT) of Colombia, the country's largest union, is leading the national mobilization that takes place this Wednesday in that South American country, demanding decent working conditions for the health sector and the approval in Congress of ten legislative proposals presented last July by the National Strike Committee.

In messages disseminated by the CUT through social networks, it calls for a peaceful march for life, peace, democracy and against corruption.


National Strike Demonstrations Continue in Colombia

The Colombian Federation of Educators (Fecode), which demands the materialization of the agreements reached with the national government, also sponsors the day of struggle.

It also demands the payment of the retroactive salary to which the Colombian teachers are entitled and rejects the threats against the Executive Committee of the union and the teachers.

Both unions remind their affiliates that taking to the streets is the only alternative to claim their rights from the government of President Iván Duque, who neither dialogs nor negotiates, they affirm.

The director of the CUT, Jairo Arenas, told the media that indigenous communities are also participating, demanding the defense of their territories and protecting natural resources.

He added that the international trade union movement would support the protests with mobilizations in Spain, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and Holland.

"National Mobilization Day. For Decent Work for the Health Sector. For the approval of the bills of the National Strike Committee. Wednesday, October 20, 2021. 9:30 a.m. In Bogota, National Park."

In his opinion, another purpose of the marches is "to make known at international level the serious situation regarding violence, non-compliance with labor and peace agreements and the worsening of economic policies in the country."

The ten legislative initiatives presented to Congress include fundamental demands of the popular sectors and the National Strike Committee, given the economic situation of the country and the neoliberal measures of the Duque Government.

According to the call, the parade in Bogota (capital) started at 09:30 local time, from the National Park to Plaza Bolivar.

Meanwhile, in Cali (department of Valle del Cauca), a meeting was called for in the sector of Puerto Rellena (east) and the local headquarters of the Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (SENA), located in the Salomia neighborhood (north).

The mobilization in Cartagena (Bolivar) started at 10:00 local time and covered the route between the Departmental Assembly and the District Council and the Mayor's Office of the city.

In another large city, Medellin (Antioquia), demonstrators marched from the headquarters of the Association of Teachers of Antioquia to the park of Las Luces.

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