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Colombian Left-Wing Has Real Chance of Winning on May 29th

  • On May 29, over 38 million Colombian citizens will decide who will be their president for the next 4 years. May. 25, 2022.

    On May 29, over 38 million Colombian citizens will decide who will be their president for the next 4 years. May. 25, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@elespectador

Published 25 May 2022

Left-wing coalition Historical Pact candidate Gustavo Petro leads all polls for the upcoming presidential election with a close to 40 percent voting intention.

On Sunday, May 29, more than 38 million Colombian citizens will be able to choose their president for the next four years in an election where the Colombian left has a real chance of winning for the first time in its democratic history.

Some Policy Challenges for the Next President of Colombia

The elections are decided in the first round if any candidate obtains a simple majority, meaning half plus one of the valid votes. At the moment, the leftist candidate is leading the polls of voting intentions and is expected to obtain more than 40 percent of the votes on Sunday.    

The Historical Pact leader, who closed his campaign last Sunday in Bogota saying: "My name is Gustavo Petro and I want to be your president," proposes to create the ministry of equity, achieve 50 percent of representation of women in public institutions and promote an energy transition towards sustainable national development. 

Federico Gutierrez, of the right-wing coalition Team for Colombia, follows Petro with 24 percent of voting intentions, while third place goes to right-wing populist politician Rodolfo Hernandez, of the League of Anti-Corruption Rulers. In recent days, the voting intentions of Hernandez have grown from 12 to 18 percent. 

The leftist Gustavo Petro is the favorite candidate to win the elections in Colombia in the first round this Sunday, May 29, Petro needs 10 million votes to win the presidency of Colombia in the first round this Sunday!   

In fourth place is Sergio Fajardo from the Hope Center coalition with a five percent. Enrique Gomez from the National Salvation coalition and John Milton from the right-wing Colombia Fair Free coalition is at the end of the list, with one percent. Ingrid Betancourt (Green Oxygen Party) and Luis Pérez (Colombia Thinks Big) recently resigned their candidacies. 

If none of the candidates obtains a simple majority, a second round is scheduled for June 19. The two candidates with the highest number of votes in the first round will run in this round.  


Gustavo Petro
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