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Colombia: Poll Indicates Gustavo Petro is Ahead With 37.9%

  • Gustavo Petro obtained the highest voting intentions in Friday's poll. May. 20, 2022.

    Gustavo Petro obtained the highest voting intentions in Friday's poll. May. 20, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@telesurenglish

Published 20 May 2022

The results of a Guarumo EcoAnalítica poll measuring voting intentions for the first round of the presidential elections were released to the public on Friday morning.


Just nine days before the elections, according to the results of a Guarumo EcoAnalítica poll that measured voting intentions, there are probabilities of a second round, scheduled for June 19 where Gustavo Petro and Federico Gutiérrez would be the candidates.

Corrupt Elites Seek to Halt Colombian Elections, Petro Warns

The results that Guarumo also shows the growth that candidate Rodolfo Hernandez has had in recent weeks. According to the figures of the survey, Petro, of the Historic Pact, is the one who continues with the best voting intention, with 37.9%. The study reflects that in relation to the measurement made at the end of last month, it has increased a little more than one point.

In second place remains the former mayor of Medellín, Fico Gutiérrez, with 30.8 %, practically stable. In other words, both are static in terms of voting intentions. Within the results of the study, it was ranked in third place, with 20.3% of voting intention is the former mayor Rodolfo Hernandez. This shows a growth of more than 7 points since late April.

Next comes Sergio Fajardo, of the Centro Esperanza Coalition, with 4.3%, who fell a little more than two points. Below one percent are Ingrid Betancourt, John Milton Rodríguez, and Enrique Gómez. Meanwhile, the blank vote appears at 2.4 percent, and the "Don't know" and "Don't answer," at 2.2 percent.

Mundo Gustavo Petro, face-to-face candidate of #Colombia reaches 44% of the intention to vote, according to the latest survey by the Musketeers group.

 While his main rival in this electoral contest, Federico Gutiérrez, obtains 22%.

The survey also presented its respondents with some possible scenarios for the second round. Although Petro has the highest percentage, we must speak of a technical tie since the margin of error is 2.5.

In that eventual second round between Petro and Fico, the former mayor of Bogota would obtain 45.7 percent and the mayor of Medellin would get 42 percent.

If the confrontation on June 19 is between the former mayor of Bogota and Rodolfo Hernandez, the current senator would obtain 45.2 percent of the votes and the one from Bucaramanga would obtain 41.5 percent.

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