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Colombian Gunmen Shot Two Youngsters To Death In Santander

  • The banner reads,

    The banner reads, "We are being killed," Colombia, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @quiquesanra

Published 2 November 2021

The Institute for Development and Peace Studies has counted 48 people murdered in the Cauca department so far this year.

The Santander de Quilichao Mayoral Secretary Ivan Carvajal confirmed that two young Colombians, Samuel and Juan Carabali, were shot dead by gunmen on Monday.


Colombia: Massacres Climb to 82 So Far This Year

“They were in a place where youngsters traditionally gather to speak when, suddenly, two armed men arrived on a motorcycle and opened fire without giving them any explanation,” Carvajal denounced and assured that the Police are already working to capture the crime’s perpetrators.

So far this year, the Institute for Development and Peace Studies (INDEPAZ) counts 48 people murdered in the Cauca department, where the Gulf Clan, the Jaime Martinez Mobile Column, and the Diomer Diaz Front groups operate

"This territory currently lives an exacerbation of the war that gangs perpetrate to gain territories for their drug trafficking and illegal mining activities,” Indigenous leader and Senator Feliciano Valencia warned.

“Violence also stems from the overcrowding of criminals in some jails. Since many gangbangers usually find companions in these centers, they work together to keep contact with gang members who remain free and organize new crimes,” Cauca Department Governor Anibal Gaviria explained.

To counteract this situation, the local Police currently works to separate these criminals within the same jails or, if necessary, transfer them to different prisons. It has also developed drug prevention programs for youth and installed security cameras in the streets to prevent that more homicides occur.

 “Citizens and authorities should work together to transform this heartbreaking reality. Otherwise, our department will continue stained with blood," Gaviria concluded.

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