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Biden Unveils The New US-Colombia Counternarcotics Strategy

  • A military man guards a coca field, Colombia.

    A military man guards a coca field, Colombia. | Photo: Twitter/ @ElPortal24

Published 26 October 2021

To reduce drug production, the United States promised to invest in rural development, promote land tenure formalization, and fight paramilitary gangs. 

On Monday, President Joe Biden’s administration announced a new U.S.-Colombian counternarcotics strategy, which seeks to tackle the drug supply chain from this Latin American country to the United States.


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“We agreed to address this problem through a holistic approach, which recognizes the importance of supporting greater security and prosperity in Colombian rural areas to reduce farmers’ dependence on cocaine production,” U.S. Drug Control Policy Director Regina LaBelle stated.

Besides prosecuting drug dealers and destroying narcotics laboratories, the Biden administration promised to invest in Colombian rural development, promote land tenure formalization, and protect social leaders from paramilitaries. 

The U.S. goverment will also assist the Colombian State in its efforts to patrol the areas of the Amazon that are controlled by drug cartels. While these tasks could have clear geopolitical implications especially in border areas, the Biden administration presents them as actions to control "environmental crimes."

“The counternarcotics strategy will be implemented without delay since Colombian President Ivan Duque’s partnership with the United States is strong and longstanding,” LaBelle assured.

Prior to these revelations, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro pointed out that the U.S. government tries to hide the resounding failure of the Duke administration in controlling drugs in its own territory. Between 2020 and 2021, for example, coca crops increased by 15 percent and drug production reached 1,010 tons in Colombia.

"Duque will not do anything to counteract the problems afflicting his citizens, whom he brutally repressed during the national strike,” the Bolivarian leader stated, recalling that the Colombian Police and Military forces killed 37 protesters this year.

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