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Colombia: Another Social Leader Killed In Corinto Municipality

  • Social and farmer leader.Jose Gustavo Arcila Rivera.

    Social and farmer leader.Jose Gustavo Arcila Rivera. | Photo: Twitter/ @obeimar78

Published 27 July 2020

Under a similar modus operandi, an armed group took Indigenous leader Fabian Ipia Quiguanas from his home and shot him to death. 

Colombia's National Federation of Agricultural Unions (Fensuagro) denounced Sunday the assassination of Jose Gustavo Arcila Rivera, a social and farmer leader.


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"The events took place at around 6 a.m. this Sunday when our friend was in his plot, located in the village of La Cominera. A man arrived at the place and attacked him with a firearm and then fled," Fensuagro stated.

Inhabitants transported Arcila to the municipality hospital, where he died due to the severity of his wounds. Corinto police briefed who Arcila did not report death threats against him to authorities.

Colombia's Peace and Justice Commission also stressed social leaders' assassins majority remain unpunished.

Local social leaders also denounced other three other murders during the weekend. On Saturday night, a group of armed and unidentified men took two Miranda locals to a side of the road, where they shot them. 

Under a similar modus operandi, an armed group took Indigenous people leader Fabian Ipia Quiguanas from his home and shot him to death. 
According to Colombia's Institute for Peace development (Indepaz), over 970 social, farmers and indigenous leaders have been killed since the Peace Agreements signing in 2016. Over 95 of them were murdered during the quarantine due to the pandemic.

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