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Colombia Humana Lauded for Being Recognized as Political Party

  • The Constitutional Court, by 8 votes in favor and 1 against, finally grants legal personhood to Colombia Humana.

    The Constitutional Court, by 8 votes in favor and 1 against, finally grants legal personhood to Colombia Humana. | Photo: Twitter/@GustavoBolivar

Published 17 September 2021

Personalities, entities and militants of progressive forces applauded today the legal status granted to Colombia Humana after an intense struggle to achieve such condition.

The general secretary of the Colombian Communist Party, Jaime Caycedo, pointed out that such recognition is an act of justice that consolidates the advance of the democratic opposition forces.

In his opinion "the Uribist regime is in trouble. And beyond that, the neoliberal system of inequalities, privileges, corruption and exploitation is, too'."


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Likewise, the Centro de Pensamiento Colombia Humana stated that the Court's decision contributes to the expansion of democracy of this party founded by Gustavo Petro.

For her part, Congresswoman María José Pizarro stated that if anything characterizes those who came together in the Historic Pact (coalition of various left-wing forces with a view to achieving victory in the 2022 elections), 'it is to have the will to build the political instrument of change that Colombia needs."

"That perseverance had a triumph with the well-deserved legal recognition of Colombia Humana," emphasized Pizarro.

Likewise, Sergio Marín, representative to the Chamber of Congress (bicameral) for the Comunes party, emphasized that now there are more reasons to continue building unity without vetoes of all the democratic forces of the country.

Lawyer Alejo Vergel congratulated the party and highlighted that the news came when Petro filled again a square in Valledupar, capital of the department of Cesar, with the people shouting for a real change.

Last night, by eight votes in favor and one against, the Constitutional Court granted legal status to Colombia Humana, which means that it is now recognized as a political party.

The decision of the full chamber of the high court took place after the analysis of a tutelage action filed by Petro against the National Electoral Council (CNE), which refused to give it that legal recognition since 2018.

The political movement obtained more than eight million votes in the last presidential elections, which the senator considered as a sufficient reason to sue the CNE.

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